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QueerSpace is a volunteer-led organization based on collective planning and action which serves the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community of Belfast and Northern Ireland by raising its visibility, supporting its activities, providing it with resources and facilitating communication while adhering to the principles of community orientation, freedom of identity, ethical funding and accessibility.



QueerSpace envisions a society free from prejudice, with equal respect given to peoples of different sexual orientations and genders. 



Visibility. QueerSpace seeks to increase the visibility of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Community in a positive manner to counteract the disregard and negative images presented to the general public over the past centuries.

Support. QueerSpace is dedicated to supporting, organizing and publicizing the artistic, educational, cultural and social activities of the LGBT community which are designed to: express cultural traditions through musical, dramatic and visual projects; increase the understanding of the historical background and current status of the LGBT community in and around Belfast; provide an interface for groups within and outside of the LGBT community; foster open and inclusive debate and dialogue concerning questions of identity, difference and division; and influence opinion on particular issues which are directly relevant to the QueerSpace Mission and experience.

Resources. QueerSpace strives to procure the human, physical and capital resources for the LGBT Community that have for so long been denied this sector of the community.

Communication. QueerSpace will facilitate communication among the diverse groups within the LGBT community and with those outside of the LGBT community. 



Community Orientated. QueerSpace is an expression of the Belfast LGBT community and no QueerSpace policy or action should be allowed to relinquish any element of LGBT community control. QueerSpace recognizes and promotes the interdependence of the diverse groups within the LGBT community.

Freedom of Identity. QueerSpace is operated under a non-judgmental policy and is open to all identities. No member of QueerSpace will be asked to hide or change any element of their identity. It is the policy of QueerSpace to have respect for diversity.

Ethical Funding. QueerSpace exists at the will of the community, and recognizes that important sources of its income are donations from the community. All outside funding shall be carefully sourced as to not restrict the scope of the QueerSpace mission.

Accessibility. QueerSpace is committed to equity and makes all due effort to ensure equality of access to its programmes, resources, facilities and decision making processes.


Operating Practices

Mainstreaming. QueerSpace will strive to ensure that (1) respect for individuals regardless of sexual orientation and gender and (2) positive images of the LGBT community are integrated into the every day life of individuals, communities and organizations.

Co-operation. QueerSpace will work with other groups and organizations to empower LGBT people to provide solutions to the issues that affect their lives.

Leadership. QueerSpace will be pro-active in carrying out its Mission and pursuing its Vision and will seek to show others the way forward.

Accountable. QueerSpace recognises that its resources are limited and will endeavour to make their use transparent and effective.

Impact. QueerSpace will set realistic and achievable targets for its programmes related to QueerSpace Mission and will evaluate its programmes in order to demonstrate their effectiveness and unique contribution. 



QueerSpace operates as a collective, making decisions by consensus based on community input, at Weekly Collective Meetings. 


A Community Organization

The QueerSpace Mission is concerned with involving the people of the LGBT community in the issues that affect their lives.

QueerSpace enhances the ability of LGBT people and groups to act together and effect changes in their lives by providing support and resources.

QueerSpace involves members of the LGBT community and harnesses their skills, knowledge and experiences so that they become empowered and can take the initiative to respond to the problems that arise in their lives.

QueerSpace strives to be a leader in the fight against prejudice and inequality, not just in issues dealing with sexual orientation and gender but also in all issues where prejudice and inequality exist.

Through its Weekly Collective Meetings, QueerSpace is in constant consultation with the LGBT community.

QueerSpace depends upon the active participation of the LGBT community, its groups and its people.

QueerSpace is fully committed to the principle of equity and makes all due effort to ensure equality of access to its programmes, resources, facilities and decision making processes.

The goals of QueerSpace when working with LGBT people are:

to develop awareness and understanding of the issues that affect their lives;

to develop the knowledge base, skills and confidence necessary to combat prejudice and inequality;

to develop increased access to information, rights and resources.

QueerSpace promotes interdependence within the LGBT community, improving the understanding that each sector of the LGBT community has of each other by:

creating networks with other LGBT organizations;

examining the history of the LGBT community and fostering discussions and debates about its place in society;

working to promote the rights of LGBT people.


Promoting Equality

The QueerSpace Mission is concerned with promoting equality of opportunity for members of the LGBT Community.

QueerSpace does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, marital status, HIV status, race, ethnicity, nationality, religious belief, political opinion, disability, employment status, economic status or status as a carer.

QueerSpace recognises and values differences among individuals and works to promote the potential of individuals.

QueerSpace respects persons from diverse backgrounds within our organization, the LGBT community, and the general public.

QueerSpace develops relationships of trust and respect in which even delicate or divisive issues can be discussed and promotes the freedom of individuals to discuss sensitive issues in a non-threatening environment.


Child Protection Policy
  • QueerSpace is committed to safeguarding the well-being of all of the members of the Collective.
  • QueerSpace recognises that children and young people have rights as individuals and should be treated with respect.
  • QueerSpace acknowledges that all children and young people are vulnerable, and strives to aim for best practice in the area of child protection.
  • QueerSpace, as a Collective, operates through volunteers giving of their time. These volunteers should not be put into a position where their position may be compromised, or their reputations harmed.
  • QueerSpace recognises that all volunteers have a duty to safeguard the interests of the young people who attend meetings organised by the Collective.
  • It is the policy of QueerSpace that under 18s are welcome to attend our meetings and events, but to safeguard both their, and Volunteersí, best interests and safety, under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • QueerSpace meetings and events are therefore not open to unaccompanied under 18s. Volunteers have the right to ask for proof of age.


Last updated: 05 May 2014

Want more info, to pass on a compliment or complaint or to volunteer? Email QueerSpace and let us know. We want to hear from you - make QueerSpace your space.